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Are you looking for a Screen Printing service across the UK?

A team of experienced signage experts

If you're looking for someone who can provide affordable signage solutions, contact Graphic Engineering (Northern) Limited. We are the local and friendly experts who can fulfil all your signage requirements. You can depend on us to engrave signs in a range of materials. We provide bespoke signage solutions for commercial and industrial clients across Sheffield and the surrounding areas.
Interior and exterior signs

Plastic labels and decals

Surface printed self-adhesive signs and labels.
Durable and eye catching, self-adhesive labels and decals are available in a variety of materials which include; PVC, Polycarbonate, Polyester and Vinyl. Used for a wide range of different labels and signs, these materials are generally suitable for outdoor usage with an estimated life of up to 9 years. 
Bespoke signage services

Aluminum plates

Anodised Aluminum is the most popular type of metal nameplate for applications such as rating plates for electrical and industrial equipment, instrument panels and machine control panels, etc. It combines an attractive appearance with excellent durability of image, even in ardous industrial environments.

Special Shapes

Plastic labels can be guillotined square, or cut to special shapes.
Graphic Engineering (Northern) Limited is an established sign company based in Sheffield. From chemically etched stainless steel and brass to machine engraved plastic or metal, we provide complete commercial engraving solutions. 
If you're looking for a reputable sign company in Sheffield, 
contact Graphic Engineering (Northern) Limited on
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