Chemical Etched

Chemical etched stainless steel or Brass

If you would like your company name and logo displayed on stainless steel or brass, the perfect solution is chemical etching contact. We provide high-quality metal nameplates for commercial and industrial clients across the UK.

Personalised metal nameplates for commercial clients

We provide high-quality engraved signs and labels. You can make your business look professional with our elegant metal nameplates. We can personalise the nameplate to suit your preferences and requirements.
Multiple engraving options

Chemical Etching / Engraving

Chemical etching is a process where the image or background is etched into the surface of the metal using acid, to produce a sunken area on the surface of the plate. This recess may be filled with stove enamel, which is then baked for maximum durability. Chemically etched labels and nameplates are ideal in hazardous environments, the etching process ensuring the information is still legible even when the enamel has been destroyed. 
Engraving on all types of materials

Office Plaques

Chemical etching is often used for office plaques, which require a logo with fine detail, which would be difficult to achieve with machine engraving. They can be mounted onto frames or plinths.

Fixings & Self adhesives

A range of adhesives can be coated onto the reverse side of your etched nameplates. They are supplied with an easy to remove release liner. Fixing holes, to enable finished plate to be screwed or riveted to your product also be provided, either alone or in addition to self-adhesive.
Graphic Engineering (Northern) Limited provides effective solutions for all your metal nameplate engraving requirements. We provide engraving for items of all sizes.
Sheffield's Graphic Engineering (Northern) Limited provides high-quality metal nameplates.
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